Telling Stories, Day 2

4 Nov

The only thing good about November is Thanksgiving. It’s all about the food and the family. The whole month is a windup to that glorious day.

It comes with some trepidation, however. For me its always about the sweet potatoes. I am not good at it. This year I want just cut a hole in the top of a sweet potato, put a candle in it and use it as a centerpiece. I hate that damn vegetable. It is the symbol of my ineptness in the kitchen and my inability to pick a good side dish for family gatherings. Nobody ever says , “Wow Mom, what great sweet potatoes!”

Not that I’m in any great competition or anything like that. Years ago I gave up my hosting Thanksgiving to the next generation. My daughters all started to become pretty damn good cooks and wanted to show off. Who am I to quash that kind of enthusiasm? Besides that, my signature dish is clam dip, the thing you eat while you’re waiting for the main event.

My clam dip is epic. It has been the mainstay of my culinary life. My Dad invented it in the 1950s. He was digging clams and a tub of cream cheese wandered by. The rest is history. Potato chips hadn’t been invented yet, we would just eat it from the shell. When ruffles started having ridges we knew we had a winning conveyance.

So this year I’m bringing Clam Dip to the feast. I am done with sweet potatoes.


One Response to “Telling Stories, Day 2”

  1. sk8creteordie November 4, 2014 at 9:10 pm #

    Thank God, I hate sweet potatoes, and yeah, your clam dip IS epic

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