Telling Stories Day 2: Daughter’s POV

5 Nov

Mom is right, she never got into culinary pursuits. She had some great staples, though. Here are my 5 favs:

1. Enchiladas!!

2. Chicken stir fry (I used to sneak in the kitchen and steal the chicken chunks out of the pan)

3. Chili Mac (yyyeah!!)

4. Peas and chicken cream stuff in a pastry shell (the one my sis tried to emulate w flour, beans and water… FAIL!)

5. Spaghetti. Even plain buttered noodles were good, mom. 🙂

6. New addition: Cheerio/raisen/butterscotch bars!!

My mom’s non-cooking prowess has rubbed off on me. I am not sure who she is referring to when she says “daughters wanted to compete.” I am not in this category.

Tonight is “tranny” night – aka transition night… I get my girls back from their dad after being away 4 days and change. It’s always a busy night and I’m grateful they enjoy what I like to call T&T — tuna and top ramen! Way less ambitious than anything mom ever used to cook.

Mom: Give up the sweet potatoes. We never liked them much anyway. Clam dip is your forte. Please make 2 batches – one for me and one for everyone else.

LOVE you, mom! And love your cooking. Most of all, glad you spend more time on us than cooking. 🙂 Congrats on your blog!!!


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One Response to “Telling Stories Day 2: Daughter’s POV”

  1. sk8creteordie November 5, 2014 at 8:08 pm #

    Nice Cindy. You should check out my Blue Cheese salmon, or Top Ramen in Tomato Soup!

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