Taking it easy

7 Nov

I had big plans today. Feeling so much better I made a list. But then something got in the way of my plans.

The list was pretty short. Take out trash. Take out recycling. Clean bathroom in case someone comes over. Write in blog. Write a letter to my sister in South Sudan. Heady stuff.

But a friend dropped by and I had to entertain. We watched 3.5 hours or seven episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond”. We laughed for three and a half hours. We were both cured of the post election blues. Somewhat.

This is how I prepare for company. First I make sure I have something to wear. You never know when someone will drop by. My fave outfit around the house is a t-shirt and loose fitting pants. If I’m getting ready for an appointed visit, I dress a little more formally. Like wearing a bra.

I don’t bother cleaning that much for company but the bathroom is important. I clean the bathroom fairly regularly. The kitchen is another matter entirely. Dishes pile up. I don’t have the luxury of hiding them in the dishwasher because I don’t have one. Luckily my kitchen is hidden away so it’s not an issue. And almost all the people who visit me and know me well know what to expect. My kids know where everything is and are not surprised by the clutter. My close friends come to see me, not my housekeeping skills.

My apartment is homey and comfy. And I always have treats for the grandkids.

ADPOV (a daughter’s point of view):

So basically, folks, you really know where you stand w my mom based on whether she wears a bra (Mom, am I bra worthy?).

Mom, missed you talking about your pantry. I’ve heard you say “My family knows to stay away.” Think you cleaned it recently so we can no longer find the kingdom of Narnia there.

LOVE that you got caught up in 3 hours of ELR therapy! I just realized why Charlie comes around. It’s not just for the chance to see you hang loose, it’s for the laughter. Like where you’ve settled in your relationship w Charlie (a man who has had a crush on my mom her whole life, basically, folks).

So many directions we can go here, but! I like the “How do you Prepare for Company?” Theme. 

Cindy’s Golden rules for company:

1. Music + snacks + drink. That is all you need. The rest will take care of itself.

2. Build it and they will come. Throw the date out, invite the people and the rest is history.

3. Early guests will be put to work. Or late guests for that matter! This isn’t intentional. I bust my ass every time I have family or company over. Hard to get it all done as a single working parent. Clean bathrooms and vacuuming the living and dining rooms are important to me.

4. You are last. Often when guests arrive I haven’t even showered or dressed. The last party I hosted I actually wore a dress. So I guess that’s my barometer for success… Whether I’m dressed. 🙂

Mom, I am so glad you found a way to build your own dome in Seattle… Sounds like Raymond and Charlie helped a little. 🙂


One Response to “Taking it easy”

  1. maryeoconnor November 18, 2014 at 7:25 am #

    Everybody loves Raymond! He’s a little like David, you should watch it sometime.

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