Sick Day November 12

14 Nov

I’m cuddled up to sweet Sally, my granddaughter, who is home from school today with a fever. I hate when kids are sick and I don’t want them to be sick. She was too tired to do anything and snoozed off and on during the day. I held her hand and it was warm. Her temp was 100.4.

DD: Thanks mom.

Her Mom says I used to make her a soft boiled egg when she was sick. I also tried to get them to drink fluids and sometimes gave them Popsicles.

DD: If you can believe it, I botched the poached egg and asked mom what her secret was. She said she couldn’t remember and look it up. 😉

With four kids I was a constant visitor at Group Health in Bellevue. I’d pack them all in the car, the sick and the healthy, and drive the fifty miles to the clinic. Well it felt like fifty miles. Following the wait for the doctor, we would wait for the prescription to be filled. Waiting, waiting, waiting. And then the long drive home. They would all take a nice nap while I drove and I would half carry all of them into the house and dump them on the nearest couch (now the infirmary) for the beginning of days of care.

(DD: I remember the sound of the Elevator at Group Health. Loud whirring sound. We were always bound for Cluster C, Dr. Carlson. In my 6 yr old brain, “cluster” sounded a lot like “custard” and I wondered if we would be served any once we arrived? Strangely, my dad married Dr. Carlson’s ex wife years later (another blog post).  If not for the chalk board and laminated “this is candy, this is not” caution sheet, these visits would have been excruciating.)

They would all eventually get what was going around but I hardly ever got sick. The one good thing is that they were all too weak to fight with each other and sleeping most of the time. So there was peace in the house. (DD: LOL!)

Peace is good.


Things to have in the house when kids are sick:

Chicken soup
Kool aid
Frozen Popsicles made from kool aid
A tub for tepid baths to bring down a fever
Washcloths with cool water for their foreheads
Cough syrup
Baby aspirin
Two toilets

DD(dear daughter): On the baths and washcloths: You never know what you will remember most or which memories you will hold dearest from your parents. One of mine is mom using that wet washcloth on my face, so lovingly wiping my brow. She stayed up all night w me one night when my fever was high from Strep. I got a cold bath and was allowed to watch late night TV, back in the 70’s when we had – like- 2 stations after midnight!! The shows were crap. But I was sick. And bored. During one particular bout of something, mom drew me a bath. I was 10 and for the first time ever aware of my nakedness in front of my mom. I was shocked at my sudden modesty… It had never bothered me before. A strange rite of passage.  Thank you mommy for taking care of me. Poached eggs always remind me of your love and attentiveness when I was sick. 💝💝


2 Responses to “Sick Day November 12”

  1. sk8creteordie November 15, 2014 at 8:38 am #

    man that must’ve been brutal. thanks mom 🙂

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