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Writers Block

17 Dec

My writers block is really just the typical malaise I suffer this time of the year. I have seasonal defective disorder or SAD. It starts right after Halloween and lasts until I see the first daffodils pop up in the garden.

There are brief respites of joy and productivity during those four months of what Winston Churchill called the Black Dog. Maybe about two weeks worth of productivity. I do just enough to get by. The dishes pile higher in the sink, the dust gets a little thicker and the music just doesn’t play.

I don’t answer the phone because I just don’t want to talk. I go out just for necessities and scurry back home into my little cave. Sometimes the only sound I hear is my little bird chirping. Thank God for the few people who know exactly what to do. Leave me alone but check in from time to time.

It will all pass as it does every year. The first sign of hope is December 22. That’s when daylight inches back minute by minute.