John and Myrna

19 Feb

Fifty years ago, in August of 1965, Ken and I moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Seattle.  The first people we met were John and Myrna Eldredge.  We met them through John’s brother who lived in Albuquerque.  It started a beautiful friendship that endured through time.  

We were in the family building stages of our lives. I was about to deliver my first child. John and Myrna were well on their way. Myrna was a nurse and a valuable help to us in finding an Doctor.  John worked at Boeing as Ken did.  John and Myrna eventually had six kids and we had four.  We got together regularly through the years when the kids were young.  We also joined them for a monthly bridge club.  John and Myrna hosted fabulous holiday parties in their home in Redmond.  We always looked forward to those visits. Lots of kids running around, adults in the kitchen while Myrna bustled around getting the meal on the table.  

Recently we celebrated John’s 80th birthday at his home in Redmond. Where did the time go?  Our grown children and their grown children and grandchildren all together in one place.  All of us telling stories of our lives.  It had been years since we had seen some of the Eldredge kids.  The connections to each of them was instant and memorable.  Their six and our four all grown up and talking to each other.  It was a great day!

Our families have shared the joys of our lives over the years and some of the sadness that is inevitable in life.  But we have grown old and wise together.  We have sung together, prayed together and broke bread together. We may not see each other as regularly but we are connected nevertheless by our shared love of family.  

This past Monday we were all shattered to learn that John and Myrna’s beloved son, Ed, died in a tragic accident.  We are all bereft and saddened.  When I heard the news I was instantly transported 50 years ago to their home in Redmond. My firstborn, David was an infant.  I remember taking a picture of all the kids on a couch in their home. Those brand new little people, our pride and joy. We celebrated new family arrivals as the years passed. More pictures shared, bread broken, stories told. Kids growing up, graduating, getting married, having kids of their own.  And now, our family and theirs, loving and praying and saddened beyond measure with this loss.


2 Responses to “John and Myrna”

  1. indysays February 20, 2016 at 9:14 pm #

    Is there more? It feels like there should be more… didn’t want it to end there. Thanks for your writing mom.

    • maryeoconnor February 21, 2016 at 6:18 am #

      I will continue the story or edit it to be longer. Myrna and I were sharing memories this evening! Was great to talk to her.

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