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9 Aug

It’s so hard to talk about mental illness to people who have never been affected by it.  It’s like talking to anyone about pain they’ve never experienced. I am envious of those who have never been touched by it either as a personal experience or with a family member.

My son has faded away into a place where I cannot reach him.  The only thing I can do is pray and wait for the madness to succumb to the medication.  We know who he is but he is not that person now. He is angry and striking out, threatening us.  No one can reach him. He is in his own dismal reality and that is a really dark place.  

I am hoping that somehow, someone or something will get through to him and offer a solution that will work.  

Please all the angels, saints and my sweet Lord, be with your servant, James, my beloved son and save him!  Mary, put your arms around him. Be with him like you have always been with me.  He is a good person but he is so ill right now. Protect him for me, because I can’t right now.