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Writing is hard, reading is easy

4 Nov

A year and a half ago I joined WordPress. These are my first published words. I am so proud.

The only people interested in what I have to say are close relatives and sometimes they don’t even care. It doesn’t bother me. They are out living their lives. I can hear them sometimes and see them less and less often.

I say funny things sometimes. Most of the time I just think of funny things but I am the only recipient of my humor.

There is not much about me that interests even me.

Welcome to my world.



Telling Stories

4 Nov

My family loves to tell stories. Sometimes we tell horror stories or stories about each other. Sometimes we can’t tell the difference.

We get together for holidays and birthdays. Storytelling starts after we have all eaten and the adults are half in the bag. That’s when everything you did that was embarrassing comes up again and the whole crowd can relish in your humiliation. No one is safe. Especially the dead and the mentally ill. We have an abundance of the latter.

Just thinking

25 Feb

Starting this today, the last Sunday in February. Looking out the window, watching people walk by. It’s very quiet.  I was listening to some music earlier but it was just too loud.


This is a test.